Press:*Gisèle has been chosen as a Featured Artist for Issue 26 of the US based Urban Mainstream Magazine.
Airplay:*Gisèle's tracks Special, Cafe & Live it Up are getting regular airplay on Ison Live Radio International and UK-based Radio Gets Wild.
Compilations:*8 tracks have been chosen from Gisele Scales "2 Think" CD for inclusion on the six below:
Café on AIR Annual Vol.8 Electronica/Hip Hop CD,
Versuch es on Tunetank MMC10 Dance 2006 CD,
Live it Up on US New Music Series 2007 Electronica CD,
Café, Armonia & Oh You on AMMA Issue 25 CD,
Green on Rock the Block Festival CD ,
Live it Up on UK Bandit/Gotham Records 2007 CD.
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