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If the menu graphics or photo do not display you may need Macromedia's Flash. The Flash player is needed to display animation.
If you are accessing this site from behind a company firewall, you may be blocked from using Flash.

If other images do not display and you use Norton Internet Security, then the problem may be caused by your Privacy Control settings.
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If you do not want to adjust or disable your Norton Privacy Control, you may be able to display the images by using
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In April 2006 a Microsoft update to Internet Explorer has caused a minor but irritating bug when using Flash player.
If you put your cursor over a Flash control you may see a dotted frame around it and the following message "Click to activate
and use this control", if so you will need to click to activate and then click again to perform the control's function.
Apparently this bug does not occur in other browsers, we have tested Netscape and it does not occur.

Let's hope that Microsoft and/or Macromedia fix it soon.

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